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Greg Jennings explains how Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers can help Brett Hundley

Greg Jennings has some experience with how Mike McCarthy handles young quarterbacks. He was there for Aaron Rodgers’ first start, and saw first-hand how McCarthy coached the quarterback who would become the best in the game.

With that quarterback out, and another young, talented signal caller under center, Jennings said in an interview for Locked On Packers, he was surprised at how McCarthy handled Brett Hundley against the Lions.

“When they came out, you saw (McCarthy) allow Brett to come out of the game throwing some quick passes and different things to kind of get him going. What I was most surprised about was after that first possession, was that he didn’t allow (Hundley) to just go. He kept him right there. He didn’t say ‘You now what, we’re gonna go no huddle. I’m gonna see what you got. Let’s go.’ Because that’s the only way you know whether a guy has it or he doesn’t.”

Jennings saw the flashes when Hundley was given the keys and allowed to drive.

“Toward the end of the game you saw him get more comfortable, because they were in a no huddle, hurry-up style offense … Sometimes, that’s what you have to do. You eliminate the thinking now because it’s all about making plays.”

One key flaw in Hundley’s game, dating back to his time at UCLA, was holding the ball too long and taking sacks. Jennings rightly points out this was an Aaron Rodgers flaw for much of his early career as well.

“Aaron has to share this with him because we used to get on Aaron about this: he holds the ball too long. When it’s not there, it’s not there. Let it go,” Jennings says.

“Aaron had that so bad. If you go back and you watch ‘08 and 09 he used to get sacked so much because he just would not throw the ball away. He would not do it … Those are things I feel like Aaron can help him with because he experienced that. He went through that.”

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